San DIego Photography Classses

Another great “No more auto mode workshop” with 4 students that wanted to learn how to use their new cameras (Canon- Nikon) regardless of the weather. In my ten years of teaching photography, this was the wettest, the forecast called 20-40% chance of rain in the afternoon, and to our surprise, it was cold and rained for most of the day and got a break after 2 pm. But that did not bother this group, we got cover and opportunities all day to do the workshop exercises, adjusted and captured what they wanted with different subjects under different lighting conditions.










Thank you all for spending the day with me,  learning how to enjoy your cameras. I hope the workshop inspired and prepared you to shoot under any circumstances,  no more guessing now it’s all about practice, practice and more practice.

For those interested in the next San Diego camera workshop for beginner, it will be January 18, 2020 (Saturday), if interested in attending please sign up

Hector Gonzalez

619 864 4614



San Diego Photography Workshops for beginners Dec 7, 2019