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Back again in Las Vegas, teaching photography for beginners in another “No more auto mode workshop”, this time seven students wanted to get comfortable with their Sony, Nikon and Canon cameras. November and December are the months with the shortest length of time of daylight (sunset at 4:15 pm because of the trees in the park and mountains around Las Vegas) and that worries me, time goes super fast in the workshop. But this group was amazing, we did cover everything with lots of hands-on practice and got exposed to low light conditions. That was my joy of the day,  the end of the workshop, all knew what they were doing and adjusted with no fear and got the picture they wanted.

Thank you all for attending the workshop, it was an honor meeting all,  hope all enjoyed the workshop, now is all about practice, practice practice.

The next photography workshop for beginners scheduled for Las Vegas will be Saturday, January 25, 2019. If interested sign-up at


Hector Gonzalez

(619) 864 4614

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Las Vegas No more auto mode workshop Nov 23, 2019