Welcome to DSLRClasses.com

Here you will find high-quality photography classes in a welcoming environment best suited for beginner photographers. Our workshops encourage learning and creativity in a small-group setting that will provide independent instructions for each student and their unique DSLR cameras. I am based out of San Diego and host workshops in Coronado and Chula Vista, as well as the following cities: Temecula, Redlands, Long Beach, San Pedro, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

In order to produce beautiful photos, you must fully understand your equipment, the rules of composition, and use natural and/or artificial light. These workshops aim at teaching you how to operate your camera, lenses, and flash (on-and-off camera). You will apply hands-on knowledge, along with the cardinal rules of composition, and lighting to create amazing photos. Remember, your best investment is knowledge, not equipment.

Great photography is not simple, I first started using DSLR cameras in 2008, and since then I have acquired so much knowledge from attending and providing various workshops. Photography is my passion, and for that reason, I want to share and inspire you so you can become a better photographer!!!!