Las Vegas Photography ClassesWhat a great time in Las Vegas, we beat the heat in June, it was not over 100°, the weather was perfect for a photography class, “No more auto mode workshop”. In this workshop, we had 8 inspiring photographers wanting to learn how to use their Canon and Nikon cameras.

Love the personality of this group, they were fun, focus and very anxious to learn how to use their camera and take their photography to a new level.  Thank you all attending my workshop, it was an honor having all, hope all practice and enjoy your journey capturing images you and your loved ones will enjoy for generations.

Are you looking for camera classes or photography classes in Las Vegas? The next “No more auto mode workshop” for Las Vegas is scheduled for Sep 21, 2019. This workshop requires a minimum of 8 students, Maximum 10, no payment until we reach 8 students.

If interested, sign up.

Hector G

619 864 4614

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Las Vegas photography classes – No more auto mode workshop – June 22 , 2019

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