Another great photography workshop in Las Vegas, this time nine photographers, that wanted to never use Auto mode and learned how to use their camera (eight Canon and one Nikon) in the creative modes.
The photography workshop was lots of fun, even with a temperature of 105°. Yes, we survive, staying in the shade under the trees of a beautiful park with plenty of cool fresh drinking water and Gatorades, these photographers indeed are survivers, a high temperature would not stop them from attending. Thank all for attending, I hope all enjoy the workshop and learn how everything in your camera works.
Next Las Vegas Photography workshop for beginners is scheduled for November 2, 2019, Saturday; the workshop requires a minimum of 8 students. If interested,  sign up so you can be counted and we reach the minimum faster, do not wait until the last minute, no payment until we reach the minimum.
Hector G
619 864 4614

Las Vegas photography classes – Sep 7 2019 – No more auto mode workshop