Back again teaching. The Las Vegas July 25th No more Auto mode workshop only had seven students wanting to learn how to use their cameras (Canon Nikon and Sony). Again, like always an amazing time,  I loved the energy that everyone brought to this workshop. We were all responsible and looked after each other, making the workshop safe by following established safety guidelines for COVID 19 and high temperatures. Everything when smooth, learning by shooting, adjusting our cameras and asking questions, even adding more activities, (thank you, Doreen, for making me run more ?), we had a great time.

As some of you know I lost my mom last month to COVID 19, so these workshops are helping me heal my loss.  Hope all take a lot of pictures of your loved ones because those are memories you will treasure and share with future generations.

Thank you again for participating, hope all enjoyed the workshop and I inspired you to keep shooting and grow your photography. It’s all about practicing from this point on. Stay safe!

The next Las Vegas No more Auto Mode workshop is scheduled for September 12, 2020. If interested or know someone that may be, please have them sign up so I can add them to the interest list.



Las Vegas Photography Classes COVID19 No more Auto mode workshop July 25, 2020