Photography ClassWe did it!  After seven months of isolation, we have the first workshop of 2020 with all Canon cameras.

The world has changed, safety is the first step to doing things and enjoying life, and in my first workshop in 2020 we had a blast learning under the new guidelines.

That is the new norm, everyone must be free of symptoms and must wear a mask to protect others and have social distance.

In this San Diego workshop, we had all four students with Canon cameras, so it made it much easier to follow the program shooting, reviewing, and adjusting the cameras.

The next San Diego workshop for beginners is already scheduled, Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, if interested please sign up at

Also have workshops scheduled for San Pedro, Temecula, and Las Vegas, if interested send me an email to

I want to thank Melissa Marin for letting me share the images of her family, after the workshop I saw them playing in the park and could not help myself, so I ask them if I can give them a family portrait for free, and they agreed. That is something I really enjoy doing with my camera in my free time, gives free photos to families that show love to each other and are very happy in these crazy times.





San Diego Photography Workshop July 18, 2020 COVID 19