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Back to San Diego! This is the third workshop this year, and we had an awesome day even though it was a little bit cold. It seems like all of my workshops have cold temperatures LOL.

However, this workshop was fantastic because of the location; Spreckels Park  in Coronado offers plenty of parking, a quiet space, and great backgrounds for a photography class.

Like others, this group was eager to learn how to use their camera. However, after the first four into the workshop, a students’camera broke down! It was a Nikon D90; the shutter failed, and  would not take pictures. She was so determined about learning that she went and got a new one Camera (Nikon D5600) during lunch time and kept going. At the end she had a big smile and  could now shoot in manual, and was enjoying her new toy. Thank you all for being a part of this workshop! Now its all on you. Practice, practice, practice.


Next San Diego ‘No more auto mode workshop’ is schedule for April 28, 2018, Minimum 4 Students – Max 8

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San Diego photography camera, workshop, No more auto mode workshop March 24, 2018

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