Photography Classes in Temecula

No payment until the workshop you are interested in is confirmed, please contact me first.

You can only reschedule or get a refund to any workshop If you notify me by email 8 days prior to the workshop.

Get out of Auto mode workshop (9 Hours)

Temecula Photography Camera Classes

This  workshop is perfect for beginners, it goes from 7: 00 am to 5:30 pm and it’s usually scheduled on a Saturday,

Please see the schedule for the latest dates.

Homework for “No more auto mode workshop” goes out one week prior to the workshop.

Former Students get a $50 discount if interested in retaking “No more auto mode workshop” in the Regular workshop.

Regular Workshop with a minimum of 4 students (max  6) Cost per student $199

Small Workshop with only 3 students Cost per student $259


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Photowalk, Follow up  to “No more of Auto Mode” $105 (3 Hours)

Temecula Photography Camera Workshop

This workshop requires a minimum of 5 students

Review the way you use your camera

Practice shooting objects, scenery, people under different lighting conditions.

Walk the streets and ask questions.


Composition of Portraits with Natural Light $250 (6 Hours)

San Diego Photography classes

This workshop requires a minimum of 5 students

6 hours of shooting in different locations looking for different lighting options

Learn about composition, learn how to see light by shoot people in different locations.


Creative Lighting Workshop $350 (8 hours)

This workshop requires a minimum of 4 students

Learn use flash off-camera, with triggers, and create dramatic images.

First four hours cover the theory of equipment,  lighting  and practice with students

The last four hours is all about shooting in the street and creating images.


Other workshops Temecula
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