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The stars aligned for this Photography Class in Las Vegas. Why you asked?

I got 9 awesome students eager to learn.

Great weather, not hot or too cold, we just moved from shade to the sun and it was all smiles (not talking about WB hahaha ;-).

WOW 2 models and a family that volunteer for us to practice.

What else can a I ask!

Love teaching in Sunset Park because it’s always giving me a challenge to do something different when the students  are more comfortable with their cameras. Hope you all enjoyed the full day of learning, know its all practice practice practice.

Next Las Vegas Photography Workshop is scheduled for January 26 , 2019 (English, Min 8 students) and January 27. 2019  (Spanish min 5 students). If interested, please sign up at, no payment until we reach the minimum.

Hector G

619 864 4614



Las Vegas Photography Classes No More Auto Mode Workshop Nov 3, 2018

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