This class will be teaching you how to open your eyes and see beyond your main subject and find more impact pictures by arranging the elements in the background for better photographs. Too often we just click and take pictures of what we see; photography has guidelines or rules that help you create better images. Learn how to take photographs of: Portraits, Couples, Groups, Structures and Landscapes by applying the rules. This is a Practical Hands-On Class and we will mainly be shooting in Aperture or Manual Model.

This class consists of plenty of physical activity. We will be walking and moving around through out the course of the class. To take this class you will need to have full understanding of your camera and manual mode (If you are not there then take “Get out of auto mode”). I will not cover any settings, you need to know how to underexpose and overexpose by yourself.

8 fun hours of Hands On Practice with a small group of photographers (Min 5 – Max 8 students).

What you need to bring: Camera, Wide Angle & Telephoto lens

if interested in a private class or a weekday class please contact me!